Do you want to learn more about the field of talent development, elements of the career, and strategies for success? Join an ND-ATD peer mentoring group! 

Over and over, our members tell us that learning from each other is one of the most valuable parts of joining ND-ATD. We have elevated that benefit through members-only peer mentoring groups. 

What is a peer mentoring group? 
A peer mentoring group meets regularly (approximately once/month) over a virtual platform. Discussion centers around a specific topical areas of talent development. 

Who leads the discussion? 
Discussion is informal. Knowledge and experiences are shared by all. Each group has a volunteer "conversation catalyst" who helps to coordinate and get the conversation started. 

What are the topical groups? 
The following groups begin meeting in October 2019. 

  • eLearning: Effective learning through electronic formats such as online courses, micro-learning components, virtual learning, webinars, etc.
  • Leadership and Management Development: Developing the skills in others that help them to increase their effectiveness as leaders and managers and/or prepare others to take on formal leadership roles.
  • Organizational Development: The processes, practices and tools for integrating change into organizations and teams.
  • Leading the Learning Function: Strategically leading the learning function and teams of learning professionals within an organization.

  • Evaluating Learning Impact: The practice of using measurement and evaluation to determine learning transfer, personal impact, and/or organizational ROI.

How can I get involved? 
Groups are open to all ND-ATD members. Membership must be current to participate. If you are interested, please reach out to the ND-ATD board through our email address: northdakotaatd@gmail.com

More questions?
Check out our Peer Mentoring FAQ document or contact us today! 

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